What's boring, not chlorine bring chlorine to the planet!



           Chlorine has many properties, one of which is that chlorine is a non-metal. Basic properties include the atomic number is 17 and the atomic number is 35.453. More basic properties include that there are 17 electrons and protons, and there are 18 neutrons. It is also listed in group 17 and period 3 on the Periodic Table of Elements. There are also 7 valence electrons because it is in the 17th group. Every element has a symbol and the symbol for Chlorine is Cl. The boiling point is -34 degrees Celsius and the melting point -101 degrees Celsius.  For the electron configuration it is 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p5. Chlorine also has a choking smell that can cause suffication, so it is very dangerous wepon.

Common Uses:

       Some common uses include bleach, disinfecting spray, and other cleaning products. Probably the most common use of Chlorine is it's in pool water. The Chlorine is used in a disinfecting cleaning product and is put into pool water to clean it. Other uses is to help make safe clean drinking water. It was also used as a deadly weapon to choke and suffocate people. The element was even used in World War 1 for a weapon.

Why Chlorine is the Right Choice for You to Bring to the Planet!

             You should bring Chlorine, it's the best choice! It can purify water, so you can drink it. People need water to survive; plus you can't drink nasty water or you'll get sick, so you must bring Chlorine to purify water. Plus whatever else you bring you will need to disinfect; who knows what you'll encounter or face! Better safe then sorry, might get sick so bring chlorine to disinfect everything. Then if you are in ever in trouble use Chlorine as a weapon to suffocate "evil" or anything trying to harm you.


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