Chris's American Restaurant

Chris Bruno, Fiddler's Restaurant Brookfield

About Chris's American Restaurant

Chris's American Restaurant of Brookfield, Connecticut, offered a variety of American dining choices ranging from lobster to burgers. Located at a historic site that was once a speakeasy during Prohibition, the establishment has evolved over time to meet the needs of its customers and the surrounding community. When former owner Chris Bruno first purchased the venue in 1990 as Fiddler's Restaurant, he created an unconventional menu including dishes like paella Valencia, duck liver pâté, and black bean crab cakes encrusted with sweet potatoes. In 2003, the chef-owner rolled out renovations and a fresh concept, and re-named the establishment Chris's American Restaurant. The new menu, combined with the location's enlarged parking lot and design overhaul, received critical acclaim. The eatery consistently posted the largest annual sales in Connecticut for a dining establishment of its size.

An alumnus of the culinary program at Johnson and Wales University and now a chef and consultant, Mr. Bruno guided Fiddler's and Chris's American Restaurant through significant growth before selling it to Eli Hawli. Today, the eatery has a new identity as 189 Sports Café. Nonetheless, Brookfield residents and visitors still fondly remember Mr. Bruno's 20-year legacy at the venue.

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