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Chris Ashenden stands out as a successful self-help entrepreneur and business leader. Believing that physical health plays a key role in building a positive self-image, he strives to support as many people as possible in optimizing personal wellness. Since officially establishing his website in 2011, he has helped numerous readers achieve greater levels of happiness through physical and emotional development. In addition, while pursuing the success of his own business, Chris Ashenden has also garnered greater visibility for the nutritional supplement Athletic Greens.

A ambassador for Athletic Greens as well as its business growth manager, Chris Ashenden has expanded the market presence of the company considerably. His affiliation with the product has led to feature mentions by CNN and Jason Ferruggia's personal training website Renegade Strength and Conditioning. Mr. Ashenden has also attracted widespread notice as a body development expert, largely due to his feature in Tim Ferriss' new book, The Four-Hour Body. 

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