Chris Quebedeau

Divorce Financial Professional

About Chris Quebedeau

Certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA) Chris Quebedeau has worked with Pinnacle Divorce Financial Analysts since January of 2013. In this role, he advises clients on both the short- and long-term financial challenges faced throughout the divorce process. As a specialist in the area of divorce finances, Chris Quebedeau maintains expertise in all related legal matters, including new tax obligations and the effect of divorce on health care and pension plans. He also closely works with his clients’ attorneys in order to help his clients understand the financial aspects of any deal or proposal made during the divorce process.

Prior to his role with Pinnacle Divorce Financial Analysts, Chris Quebedeau holds responsibilities as an investment advisor. Along with attending the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts, where he obtained the CDFA title, Mr. Quebedeau has studied family law mediation and civil law mediation at the Mediation Institute in New Orleans and business at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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