Chris Throgmorton

Instructor in Tactical Training and Security Consultation at Covered Six


A former Marine and law enforcement officer, Christopher Throgmorton is currently cultivating his career in the field of human resource management. Earning his Associate of Arts with a concentration in the study of human resources at Ashford University, Christopher Throgmorton was an accomplished student, achieving membership to the Golden Key Honor Society. Subsequently, he transferred to Arizona State University, where he anticipates completing his Bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies with a focus on business and communication.

While serving as a Sergeant with the United States Marine Corps, Christopher Michael Throgmorton gained diverse leadership experience in the area of human resource management. Stationed in the Munitions Work Center in Yuma, Arizona, he was directly responsible for supervising personnel and training Marines in the Ordinance Department. Under his leadership, the unit received the highest score on the MCAS Yuma Explosives Safety Audit.

In 2001, Chris Throgmorton transitioned to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as an Officer-in-Charge, where he led arrests and investigations for a wide array of incidents. In addition, he acted for a time as a Vehicle Theft Investigator, supervising the investigation of organized theft ring cases and other felonies. Over the course of his career as a CHP Officer, Christopher Michael Throgmorton also worked in the area of human resource management in his roles as an Equal Opportunity Counselor, a Public Information Officer, and a Training Coordinator.

In his personal life, Chris Throgmorton enjoys staying active through running and weight training. He is an active contributor to organizations in his local community, including the Be The Match Foundation and the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. He currently resides in Simi Valley, California.

Be The Match's Fundraising Efforts

Christopher “Chris” Michael Throgmorton is a veteran and former officer with the California Highway Patrol, where he also served as an Equal Opportunity Counselor. Outside of his work, Christopher Michael Throgmorton supports several charitable organizations, including Be The Match.

Be The Match is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing patients in need of transplants (e.g., bone marrow, blood) with a volunteer who is a match for their body type. The organization is over 25 years old and largely focuses on different variations of blood cancers, providing both financial and emotional support during the transplant.

Be The Match also offers volunteers a variety of fundraisers and events, including blood and marrow drives. For those who cannot participate, for either medical or personal reasons, the organization hosts fundraising events and educational events for both patients and supporters.

The most popular event by far is the organization’s Be The Match Walk+Run, which takes place in the majority of cities across the United States. The Walk+Run encourages all teams to raise money for the foundation’s cause, and top fundraiser awards are given at the conclusion of the event. To learn more, visit

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