Christina Anne Fritz

Medical Laser Technician - Silk Spa

About Christina Anne Fritz

A talented woman with a conscience and a deep desire to help others, Christina Anne Fritz supports the preservation of old houses, historic districts, and wildlife. She assists charities focused on eliminating poverty around the world, on researching pediatric cancer, and on aiding individuals with nowhere to live. Christina Anne Fritz also aids faith and civil rights groups and specific nonprofits such as the Ronald McDonald House, The Salvation Army, and PetSmart Charities. Additionally, her generosity extends to nursing homes and vacation Bible school, where she volunteers.

Fluent in French, Spanish, Russian, and English, Ms. Fritz works in the medical and cosmetic laser field in the Allentown, Pennsylvania, area. An actress and model as well, the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, resident accepts invitations to appear as a spokesmodel and serves as a professional makeup artist. In other pursuits in the arts, Christina Anne Fritz has gained expertise in tap, jazz, and ballroom dancing and teaches the disciplines. Inside and outside, she utilizes her design capabilities to spruce up her home and garden. Her other artistic gifts range from writing to painting and drawing.

A history buff, the philanthropist, artist, and medical laser professional particularly enjoys watching television’s History Channel and researching the Ludwig royal family of Bavaria and the House of Romanov in Russia. Christina Anne Fritz reads avidly and also takes great interest in articles and shows involving DNA technology. In still other endeavors, she plays chess, supports environmental standards, and likes to travel. Active in sports, Ms. Fritz golfs, runs, and participates in white-water rafting. She also appreciates a good camping experience.

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