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Christopher Bathum of Community Recovery, Inc.

About Christopher Bathum

Addiction recovery professional Christopher Bathum provides clients of Community Recovery, Inc., with a highly recognized, Joint commission-accredited treatment program. Possessing nearly 35 years of experience in the field, Bathum held founding roles with Seasons Recovery Centers in Malibu and the Walking Miracles Addiction Treatment Program in Los Angeles. While a student at the Santa Fe Institute, he studied complexity science, which functions as an important component of an integrated and systematic approach to addiction treatment. Moreover, Christopher Bathum has written two books on the subject and is planning to publish a third.

Through Community Recovery, Bathum adopts a “continuum of care” philosophy. By combining rehab, detox, sober living, and intervention methods into a 90-day session, helps clients to learn about the causes of their conditions and develop individualize treatment plans. Patients receive assertive community treatment from a diverse team of professionals, including psychiatrists, trauma therapists, case managers, and social workers. Relatives and friends can participate in its systemic family treatment program that features three-day intensive sessions, workshops, and yearlong plans. Moreover, its intervention offerings feature Candy Finnigan, who has gained recognition due to her appearances on the television show Intervention. To learn more about Christopher Bathum and the four Community Recovery facilities, visit

Christopher Bathum - Interventionist for Systemic Family Therapy

Offering over five years of expertise in the field of psychotherapy and rehabilitative care, Christopher Bathum serves as the current CEO of Community Recovery in Los Angeles, California, a leading provider of addiction-recovery treatment services. As a board-registered interventionist, Christopher Bathum is trained and experienced in all aspects of residential addiction treatment.

A residential addiction treatment center (“rehab”) is a form of family-centered care within a semiclosed community. Widely adopted since the 1980s, residential addiction treatment requires a house or compound in which people struggling to overcome addiction do not have access to drugs, alcohol, or other addictive substances. Residents receive full-time support and structured programs to train them to live free of addiction. Residential addiction treatment involves everyone in the house—all stakeholders—including therapists, cleaning and kitchen staff, administrators, patients, patient families, close friends, and others as a comprehensive, contextual support community. In most treatment centers, patients are required to stay in a program for 30, 60, 90 days, or more, during which time they are encouraged to participate in group therapy, behavioral therapy, and individualized psychotherapy sessions.

Families in Recovery at the Los Angeles Family Institute

Christopher Bathum writes about and works in the recovery field. As founder and chief executive officer of Community Recovery, Inc., Christopher Bathum heads the nonprofit organization’s Joint Commission programs, which include the Los Angeles Family Institute, an outpatient facility in the Los Angeles area.

Located in the Santa Monica Mountains, the Los Angeles Family Institute offers individuals and families in need of recovery assistance a place to rebuild their lives. Staff members at the institute apply family intervention techniques designed to achieve comprehensive recovery from addiction, loss, betrayal, and transition.

The treatment model, developed in the last decade and based on modern science, focuses on family dynamics with the goal bringing the individual back into the family structure. At the Los Angeles Family Institute, families receive experienced guidance and support through intensive family modules, weekly seminars, professional assessment of the family system by a clinician, and a one-year treatment plan. All of the support programs strive for a recovery process that is honest and respectful, as well as purposeful.

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