Chubby Checker's Biography

Possibly the best classic-rock ever

      Chubby Checker’s real name is Ernest Evans and was born on October 3, 1941 in Spring Gulley, South Carolina. Chubby Checker got his nickname from Clark’s wife asking him what his name is, and Chubby said “My friends call me Chubby” then she said “Like in Checker?” He went to High School at Philadelphia High School, by that time, he had learned how to use Piano from Settlement Music School. After school, he would usually sing and crack jokes about his jobs, it was actually from Fresh Farm Poultry, boss that gave him the nickname “Chubby”.

       The storeowner of Fresh Farm Poultry, Henry Colt was so impressed by Chubby Checker’s singing, that he would show him off to his customers, which made good business. He would sing songs such as Jingle Bells, Henry Colt and his friend arranged a private meeting with ick Clark just to have him listen to Chubby’s music. Dick Clark liked it so much that he recorded it and gave it to his friends (business’s and such) for Christmas card. Chubby then was associated with Cameo-Parkways Records and made his first song "The Class" and it became Chubby's first hit in early 1959.  

      Then Cameo-Parkways Records recorded Chubby’s own version of “The Twist” by Hank Ballard, but the president of Cameo-Parkways Records was not impressed with this song as much as they should have been. But still, Chubby kept advertising his song and after a couple of weeks, it became a top hit. Hank Ballard’s version of “The Twist” was already at a good standing on the charts. But Chubby Checkers version with the new dance routine that made the song a top hit. “The Twist” had completely changed pop culture by giving couples the freedom of ‘breaking apart on the dance floor’ (people would be not embarrassed to dance out on the dance floor). This song was the top hit for a whopping 18 weeks in August, 1961, and then reappeared in November that year for a record-breaking 21 weeks.

      After “The Twist”, Checker continued to make twist themed songs such as “Twistin’ U.S.A.” and “Twist it Up” in the early 1960s, and also “Lets Twist Again” in 1999. Plus, Chubby also starred in two movies that featured “The Twist”, Twist Around the Clock (1961) and Don’t Knock the Twist (1962). What keeps Chubby Checkers inspired to keep going on? Apparently to him, “It’s the fans. The energy I get from singing and dancing with all these people over the years is unlike anything else I experience. I never want it to end.”

His records are:

Chubby Checker - the only artist to have 5 albums in the Top 12 all at once.

Chubby Checker First Platinum - "Let's Twist Again".

Chubby Checker - the only artist to have a song to be #1 twice - "The Twist".

Chubby Checker - the only artist to have 9 Double-Sided Hits.

Chubby Checker - changed the way we dance to the beat 24/7 since 1959.


Do the Twist!