Colantuono & Levin

A municipal law firm based in Los Angeles, California

Colantuono & Levin, a municipal law firm based in Los Angeles, California, provides legal services in a variety of areas, including tax revenue, land use, housing, environmental regulations, and more. The attorneys at Colantuono & Levin also offer general counsel to municipalities and special districts throughout the state of California.

The firm’s successful practice history includes presenting five cases to the State Supreme Court, and it is currently preparing for a sixth. Founders Michael G. Colantuono and Sandra J. Levin established the firm out of a passion for pursuing government law in its many manifestations. Their collaborative, profit-sharing business model offers both an exceptional work environment for staff as well lower costs for clients.

The 17 attorneys at Colantuono & Levin maintain affiliations with a number of professional organizations, among them the League of California Cities, the Nevada County Bar Association, the Placer County Bar Association, the Tahoe Truckee Bar Association, and the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

The Colantuono & Levin team takes pride in their solid track record and good standing in the legal community. “Our reputation is as a firm that takes on complex, intellectually challenging work and relishes it,” Michael Colantuono said in a 2011 interview with the Los Angeles Daily Journal. In recent months, the firm accepted a high-profile assignment for the County of Orange, and has also represented the cities of Fresno, Irvine, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose, among others.

With offices in both Los Angeles and Penn Valley, Colantuono & Levin serves clients across the state of California. For more information about the company or its legal services, please visit

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