Constance Helgason

About Constance Helgason

An experienced sales professional with a strong background in the information technology field, Constance Helgason has delivered increased revenues and quality management services for several major corporations. As National Alliance Manager of Enterprise Content Management Sales with IBM, Constance Helgason helped to initiate a sustained period of corporate growth. Previously, she served as Global Partner Sales Manager for another division of the company, working with high profile clients such as Siemens and Compaq. More recently, she has employed her sales and marketing skills in the real estate industry.

Prior to beginning her professional career, Constance Helgason earned a Bachelor of Science in Education at Valparaiso University. Following graduation, she began work as a Senior Sales Manager for the McDonnell Douglas Corporation, where she contributed to successful bids for a variety of government projects requiring a security clearance. She later transitioned to a position as Director of Sales for Blood Line Technology, facilitating a number of opportunities in medical distribution between the United States and Europe. 

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