Cora Jane Stalzer

4 Month Update

It is hard to believe our little lady is already 4 months old! In the past month her happy personality has started to shine. She has a gorgeous smile that lights up her face, and she can be quite talkative at times. She gets especially giddy when her big brother, Cameron, comes into her view. She is mildly obsessed with him, and we couldn't have asked for a better big brother. He loves to talk to her, blow raspberries on her belly, drive cars over her face (we don't actually allow this but he is constantly doing it!), get her pacifier and blanket if she is crying, and is always patient with her if she is crying.

It was a trying December due to feeding and weight gain issues we are having with her. At her 4 month appointment she FINALLY broke the 12 lb. weight barrier. Her stats were 12 lb. 2.8 oz (5%) and 23 in (12%). Hopefully, we can get her to keep moving in the right direction. I hope you enjoy some of our holiday pictures and then a few we have taken throughout January.

Hanging with my Birthday Buddy, Taliah