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Corliss Group Online Financial Mag: Fundamentals of stock market

Back to fundamentals! This seems to be the mantra for every stock market investor or consultant. It involves evaluating the condition of a company’s financial health. And so, no one buys shares of a company that is unhealthy and cannot hope to make profit.

On the other hand, there is the technical analysis which involves evaluating a company’s stock performance through the use of stock charts. This requires discerning trends in the movements of the company’s stocks.

Both processes involve statistical or scientific methods to come up with the decision to buy or not or, at least, to wait. It is almost like fishing: If you feel the bite, reel it in; if not, you sit and wait. This probably explains why a lot of men enjoy stock trading. For them, perhaps, it is like a game or a sport where the stakes are high and the process of winning requires one’s complete attention and involvement.

In the end, trading will depend, as Corliss suggests, on the style taken by the investor. Whether long-term or short-term, the goal will determine the type of approach taken. The nuances of shares trading begin to play once a person finally learns the ropes tightening and one’s grip requires more muscles to be put into action. Of course, unless one already has the muscles, one cannot hope to cling on and survive. Education and experience still count a lot even after one has learned the basics of trading.

It is the same way in every human activity. Not many realize that building wealth is as normal and as necessary a human activity as breathing. Sadly, not many people even know how to breathe properly for healthy living! The bounty around us does not belong only to the powerful and rich. We have been provided with all opportunities to share in that abundance. Thanks to this website, that fact is clearly an attainable goal.

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