Ray Charles

By: Tiquann Craig

Childhood Experiences

Ray Charles had a rough childhood. During his childhood he had lots of obstacles to overcome. He was also becomimg blind from a disease called glaucoma. While Ray and his younger brother was playing, he saw his brother get into a washtub.( A large pot used for washing clothes. Ray stood there and watchaed his brother drown. Ray was completely blind at the age of seven.

Important Contributions To Society

One of the contributions to society from Ray Charles is that he came out with Georgia's theme song Georgia On My Mind. He also attended boarding school. He started to perform when he was seventeen years old.

Awards and Honors

In 1960 he got an award for best vocal performance single record or track, male, "Georgia On My Mind." In 1963 he got an award for best rhythm and blues recording, "Busted." In 1969 he got an award for best rhythm and blues solo vocal performance. There are many more awards as well. He was honored for "Georgia On My Mind"

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