Crescent Bank & Trust


About Crescent Bank & Trust

Crescent Bank & Trust, a privately owned, FDIC-insured institution, currently ranks as the 13th largest bank in the state of Louisiana. It was founded in 1991, but only adopted its current name subsequently, in 1994. Through this change, Crescent Bank and Trust has established a history of offering its customers innovative financing solutions.

Over the years, the institution has grown from one office in New Orleans to over 30 locations in 16 states, offering banking, lending, and insurance services. In addition to offering checking and savings accounts and Certificates of Deposit (CDs), Crescent has established loan offices in numerous states.

A selection of financial tools is available to customers on the institution’s website. They include financial calculators, such as a savings estimator and a car payment calculator, as sub-prime auto loans have long been a key part of its offerings. For more information about the institution and the services it provides, please visit

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