By: Sara James


This symbol represents many characteristics of Jem. Jem was a caterpillar in this book because when he was younger he was protected by his "cocoon" and innocence so he didn't really liner stand what what going on. When The Tom Robinson trial begins Jemm starts to grow up and learn more about Maycomb and the people that live in it. He begins to break out of his cocoon and understand the real world. "It's like being a caterpillar in a cocoon, that's what it is....I always thought Maycomb folks were the best folks in the world, at least that's what they seemed." (Lee Chapter 22) He mentioned that Maycomb was a cocoon and it was, Jem wasn't aware of what happened and how people acted out side of Maycomb. He didn't even understand what was going on in Maycomb. I choose that textual evidence because it shows him saying that he had no idea how people really acted he had always judged them by what they seemed, and the way they seemed wasn't how they acted.

Character Traits:

1. Curious
Jem was always wanting to know more about anything. Jem liked to
explore and know as much about something as he could. He became
curious about Boo Radley but he also became curious in the Tom
Robinson case. Even though Jem was very interested in the Tom Robinson trial we was just a little more curious with Boo Radley. Early in the book you could tell that Jem became very interested in Boo Radley. He wanted to know everything he could know about Boo Radley. "Dill and Jem were simply going to peep in the
window with the loose shutter to see if they could get a look at Boo
Radley." (Lee Chapter 6) This shows that Jem was so curious about Boo
Radley that he snuck out in the middle of the night to just to get a
look at Boo Radley.

2. Caring
Jem is also very caring to everyone. He is a great big brother to
scout. Even though he messes with her he still loves her and cares about
her a lot and would protect her like he has done before. He cares for
all of his family very much even for Calpurnia. Jem considers her a
part of the family as much as Atticus and scout. Jem looks up to
Atticus and admires him very much. Jem cares for everyone. After scout
gets in a fight with the Cunningham boy Jem invites him to dinner. "Come
on home to dinner with us, Walter," he said. "We'd be glad to have
you." (Lee Chapter 3) This proves that even though scout go in to a fight
with this boy and Jem barley knew him, he was still nice to him. By
inviting him to dinner Jem Proves that he is caring to everyone.


The color I gave Jem was blue. This is because blues stands for
loyalty, compassion, and honor and Jem is all these things. Jem is
proud if who he is and doesn't mind what people think of him. Jem also
is very compassionate. He loves his family very much. He even loves
Calpurnia. Even though Jem gives scout a hard time sometimes
he still loves her by much. When it comes to Atticus Jem looks up to
Atticus and respects him. Jem also values his friendship with dill.
"Jem had discovered with angry amazement that nobody had every
bothered to teach Dill how to swim, a skill Jem considered necessary
as walking." (Lee Chapter 24) This shows that Jem was loyal to their friendship.
Friends reach each other new things and are there for each other and
that's exactly what Jem did. He was there for Dill and taught him new

Connection: Coming Of Age

Through out the book Jem matures from a young boy attitude to a
teenager attitude. He begins to understand more about the real world
and about Maycomb. He begins to understand the harsh views and
opinions of people that live in Maycomb. Jem realizes that all though
the people in Maycomb may see cry nice can sometimes be the meanest
and opinionated people. He is also beginning to use his authority
against his sister. He thinks because he is older he can tell scout
what to do. "Now I mean it, scout, you antagonize Aunty and I'll-I'll
spank you." (Lee Chapter 14) This shows that he is beginning to use his authority as a big brother to tell scout what she can and can't do. Therefore he is beginning to grow up and mature.

"All About Me" Poem


Athletic, loving, adventurous,caring

Sibling of Scout

Lover of football

Fears of Atticus being killed

Needs Scout

Gives advice to Scout

Would like to se Atticus win the case

Resident of Maycomb, Alabama


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