Curtis Cripe

Expertise in Behavioral Medicine and Neuroscience

About Curtis Cripe

A neuro-engineer focused on behavioral medicine, Curtis Cripe’s professional and academic activities span a diversity of areas, including addiction recovery, psychology, and psychophysiology. In the area of behavioral medicine, Curtis Cripe established the Crossroads Institute and directed an innovative professional network extending over 12 locations in seven states. Dedicated to assisting children with developmental disorders, such as autism, and adults with a wide range of psychological problems, the team of professionals coordinated their efforts using telemedicine and the Internet to manage and deliver applicable brain-training therapies. In all, approximately 10,000 families were assisted through the multistage process, which led to evidence-based outcomes. Well published in the field of behavioral medicine and neuroscience, Curtis Cripe coauthored “Clinical Outcomes in Addiction: A Neurofeedback Case Series” in Volume 36, Issue 4 of Biofeedback.

Curtis Cripe also has a background in space engineering and high technology, which includes working for TRW, Inc., in a supervisory capacity on a number of software projects for clients such as the Department of Defense. He also served as a senior systems engineer at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the late 1970s and worked on pioneering deep-space missions to planets throughout the solar system.

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