Digital Jukebox Piano

Innovating Tech to Music, The Fun Way

What Is It?

An old piano that I transformed into a working jukebox that queues up songs into a queue just like an actual jukebox.

How does it work?

It runs off a Spotify playlist through a RaspberryPi which uses the keys as a controller through the Makey-Makey. The keys touch a block of wood covered in tin foil which completes the circuit, queuing up the song.

Evolution Of the Piano

The piano started out as a old piano that was left in a rec center. The tech center that I attend took over the space to find the piano left abandoned  among with other things. We wanted to find a better use for it besides just throwing it away or donating it. My director came up with the idea to turn it into a Digital Jukebox and he brought the idea to my attention and wanted me to make the idea come to life. I first painted the piano white and then came up with the idea to cover the piano keys in tin foil and use the Makey-Makey for the circuit. We discovered that the wires were not sticking too well to the tin foil and always coming off when the keys were pressed. It was getting aggravating so I decided to solder the wires to copper tape and would hot clue that onto the keys. While it was undergoing changes I allowed others to make song suggestions and added a lot more songs to the playlist.


First I painted the top of the piano with chalkboard paint and completely fell in love with it so I decided to paint the whole thing in it. I then decided to decorate it with a Summer theme and have songs for summer. I decorated it with flowers, trees and the sun with chalkboard markers to make it pop a bit more and not be so plain. I then noticed my three key was not working so I went ahead and replaced that. I wanted to add LED lights to it so I soldered the LED strip to a microphone (to have the lights go with the sound of the music) and a Adafruit Flora. When I first tried to test it I let exposed wires touch and blew the first LED strip. I then had to redo the process all over again but making sure that all wires were not exposed and it worked! I then reached out to my tech center member for summer song suggestions. I trashed the whole original playlist and just completely redid it. Pictures/video for this whole process will be below

Current Status: Working! :)