2013 FaLL Talent Show

Brought to you courtesy of the DHS Guitar Club and Senior Exit Project

Tryouts: Tuesday, Nov. 20th 3:00pm
Show Date: Thursday Dec. 5th 7:00pm

The Davison High School Auditorium

How Can You Help?

Senior Students looking for a project idea for the SEP might want to consider helping out at this year's talent show. I hope to find students to fill these roles, and in doing so, they would be fulfilling practicum hours or completing a Leadership Project:

  • 2-3 Students to Host the show, introduce acts, and entertain the crowd
  • 2-4 People to create advertisements to market the show. Print, video, and digital methods are all expected
  • 1-2 Students to help as stagehands. Possibly helping with sound, setup, and take down

OPEN CALL to any and all students who would like to perform a routine and tryout for the show

Leave your name, email, and a brief message detailing what you are willing to help with and how you could make the most of your role.

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