OPD Process and Procedures

Cohort Requirements

The entire cohort begins the course on the same date, working through the course week by week as a team with the online facilitator.


Each participant will register for the course individually through our EventBrite registration system. It is the responsibility of the district point of contact to ensure all teachers selected to participate are provided the registration email and information, and enroll in the appropriate course.

Limited Add/Drop Policy

Drop/Adds can be managed through EventBrite and should be addressed prior to the registration deadline. It is the responsibility of the district point of contact to ensure that course prerequisites have been met and the appropriate participants are registered.

If a participant determines he/she cannot complete the course, the district point of contact and course instructor must be contacted. Participants who drop the course after one full week of the course cannot be replaced with another participant.

Learner Support Agreement

Prior to the start of the course, each participant will electronically “sign” a Learner Support Agreement upon registration.

Participant Time Commitment/Time Management

It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure they can allocate the time required to successfully complete the course. Each week requires approximately 4 – 5 hours of work. The total course commitment for a 6-week course with a 3 day orientation is 30 hours. Participants will ideally log-in daily, but at a minimum 3 times per week.


The Friday Institute OPD coordinator will provide periodic participation reports to the district point of contact. This facilitates district-based follow up with participants experiencing difficulty or at risk of not completing the course.


Upon completing the required 30 hours of work during the 6-week online course and submitting the final course survey, participants will earn 3.0 CEUs. Participants cannot earn partial credit for the portion of the course they have completed; incomplete course work will result in the denial of a CEU.