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We build beautiful websites!

You get one chance to make a FIRST impression ... make it count!

  • Do you have a web presence? Website? Social Media?
  • What does your brand look like?
  • The first thing someone does after they meet you is to search for you online. Will they find you?
  • Did you know that in some cases a Facebook page may connect with more customers than your employees do?   

Dakotah Media is a design studio that is focused on making this world just a little bit better while doing what we love – design. Our goal is to create what is interesting, eye catching and visually stunning. We design with the idea that the process should be a collaboration of creative minds building excitement and fun into the results. We made a commitment to embrace the idea that a client should find something special in our working relationship. We believe that design has the power to change minds.

Website Design

When you hand out your business card to someone you just met – guess what they do? They Google you! Your website is going to be the first opportunity people will have to learn about you and your business. Don’t let that first impression be ruined by a website that is not professionally designed.

Website Redesign

Having an outdated website can cost you a whole lot of money, a lot of missed opportunities and potentially a lot of clients. If you just don’t have the time to update your website, hire us to keep your site up-to-date. We can provide you with ongoing consistent quality updates as you request them.

Social Media Audits/Coaching

People have never been more socially connected than we are today. The use of “Social Media” has allowed people to connect with “like minds” from all over the world. The recent use of social networking websites such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter really help businesses expand their connection and engagement to their audience. As a business owner, you want to have a presence where your audience is.

  • Our Team -
  • An incredible Graphic Designer with a long list of credits
  • A marvelous and wise Content Editor
  • A veteran Social Media Consultant with many years in the business
  • A Marketing/PR firm that has worked with some awesome country stars
  • A national team of talented web designers
  • An owner who is completely obsessed with the web, social media and technology

Want to hire us for a project, got questions about our work or just want to say hi? Email us at …


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