Dare Conference

Build your people skills to get better outcomes


You have the technical skills to do groundbreaking work. Build your people skills to overcome the hidden barriers to change. Digital professionals will share their experiences of using people skills in their work, so you can apply what they’ve learned to yours. You’ll learn to adapt to a changing world, communicate across boundaries, and ship great work together.

Our Speakers:

From Dave Gray's presentation we'll learn:

  • A method to map and understand the culture of a team, group or organisation.
  • What aspects of the culture can be changed, and what aspects might be too difficult to tackle.
  • How to discover hidden opportunities and identify threats before it’s too late.

From Karen McGrane's presentation we'll learn:

  • How change works best if it comes from a place of kindness than from judgement.
  • That in order to fix things on the web we need to have compassion.
  • How in order to have compassion for our clients, colleagues, and co-workers we need to start having compassion for ourselves.

From Kevin Hoffman's presentation we'll learn:

  • How to cope with loss, and setbacks at work.
  • How to move on and recover from a professional crisis.
  • How to develop, and hold on to, principles that help us move on.

From Sara Wachter-Boettcher's presentation we'll learn:

  • How to use small changes to instigate big culture shifts.
  • How to empower colleagues and clients to take ownership and lead.
  • How to let go of big, traditional “solutions”—without losing sight of the big picture.

From Neil Williams' presentation we'll learn:

  • How to shift our thinking and how to help our colleagues shift their thinking too.
  • How to seize opportunities particularly disruptive ones that involve a loss of control.
  • How to work with others to achieve something extraordinary.

From Sophie Dennis' presentation we'll learn:

  • How to make bold decisions about our careers, break the rules, and thrive.
  • How getting anxious about status makes us chase goals that don't fulfil us.
  • How being open to opportunities at work is a clear path to success and happiness.

Opening reception and conference party!

If you can't make it to the conference join us for two exciting evening events:

Our opening night reception features an inspiring talk from Lisa Welchman, web governance pioneer and author of the forthcoming Rosenfeld Media book, Managing Chaos: Digital Governance by Design.

Take part in informal networking activities, meet digital workers from around the world, and chat with Dare Conference speakers while we watch the sun set over the Thames.

Come straight from work for a full evening of learning, new connections, and new perspectives on your work—which you can apply to your work immediately. Your ticket includes tasty hot food and a drink.

Our conference party will feature tasty food, premium cocktails, ping pong, and awesome people, at  Book Club in Shoreditch. Join us for a complete evening of talks, facilitated activities in small groups, networking, learning, and new perspectives. Your ticket includes delicious food and a cocktail. Why not bring a colleague and participate in the first conference of its kind?

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