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Write me a letter in an email and I will respond to you in email or with your permission, I will post it on this website so that it may help and encourage others. You may write to me asking to pray for you with a struggle you may have, any certain questions, advice for a certain situation, books recommended to read, or just Godly encouragement! I am looking forward to reading all the letters I receive and growing closer to you!


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Have you ever felt like you fell out of touch with Christ for a period of time in your life? Like, you sort of disconnected or just forgot about your faith? Was there ever a time period where you stopped attending church, or had to switch churches?

There were times in my Christian walk where I fell away from Christ. I decided that it was much "easier" not being a Christian. I wouldn't say that I said that I didn't want to be a Christian anymore, but I didn't mind being "lukewarm" which means I talked to God when something was wrong and I needed him, but I didn't want to follow his "rules" and I didn't want to have to do all the "rituals" that was included in the faith. So I simply decided to stop reading my bible, praying, and to engage in all the things I thought would make me happy and all the things I wanted to do when I was a devout Christian. I never forgot about my faith, in the back of my mind and heart I felt very convicted knowing that what I was doing was wrong. I'm going to be honest and say it did make be "happy" for a little while, but then I found very quickly that I was miserable without him. I found that the worldly things I so desired brought me no kind of fulfillment. I found that if it's "easier" it's probably not worth it. The things that were easier to me brought me consequences that only led to more pain and sorrow. I then realized that God doesn't give us commandments just cause he likes to "punish" us when we disobey, he gives them because he want's us to have a blessed life full of the joy he's promised to us. I let the world have my heart and it came back broken. But I realized when I gave my heart to God, he did nothing but heal it and make me feel complete. The world didn't love me like he did. They didn't care if I was hurt or in pain, just live free! Do whatever you want! But what they don't tell you is that living in sin comes with great consequences, and that "temporary happiness" goes away sooner or later. But with God, it's constant! I feel his love ALL the time!! He protects my feels from the worse pain. He guards my precious heart because he knows how quickly it can get broken. And if it does get broken, he heals it better than when it was new!

Danyelle <3

From Sami: Dear Danyelle, I receive your daily texts every day and they always speak to me, i'm just so amazed how they always say what I need to hear. Thank you they truly do make my day and I saved them as God in my phone so every time I recieve them I am reminded God is always with me. You are such an inspirational person, I am always so impressed to see what you're doing with your life and i am so amazed by your deep love for God. Your an amazing person, never change. Thank you for doing the work of the lord. Thanks, Sami. Have a blessed night

Sami, Praise God that he can use me in such a way to inspire you! Even I, often forget my purpose here on earth and that's to spread Christ' love. I pray God continues to use me to speak to those who need to hear his love. I pray for the people around me that they will have the opportunity if they allow him, to feel the deep love he has for them as well. It sounds as though you are very wise as you are seeking wisdom in the words God gives me to say to others! Keep being beautiful and thank you for such encouraging words!

Danyelle <3

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