Del Yocam

As co-founder and managing partner of Yocam Holdings, Delbert Yocam oversees investments in ventures across a variety of industries. He has invested in a number of emerging technology products as well as pharmacogenomics ventures, and has particular experience as an executive in the tech sector. Del Yocam comes to his current role following three years of service as chairman and CEO of Borland International, where he facilitated a successful strategy-based turnaround and completed the company's acquisition of Visigenics Software in 1999.

Yocam has also led as president and chief operating officer (COO) of Tektronix, Inc., where he also achieved a major turnaround. In addition to improving revenue for eight sequential quarters, he optimized product-development spending and increased new product income. He joined Tektronix following a 12-year tenure in executive management roles with Apple Computer. During this time, Mr. Yocam secured a more than 200 percent increase in the company's total revenue while also facilitating a 500 percent increase in operating income over the course of three years.

A MBA graduate with executive education programs at educational institutions such as Harvard Business School, Mr. Yocam currently leverages his strategic development acumen to identify high-potential investment opportunities.

The Tech Museum of Innovation and the Tech Challenge

A current board member and consultant to Yocam Holdings LLC Delbert Yocam has a professional background that includes serving as the first chief operating officer for Apple Inc. Between 1987 and 1990, Delbert (Del) Yocam served on the board of directors for the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California.

The Tech Museum of Innovation is a museum that celebrates creativity in technology. Its location in Silicon Valley is a testament to the area’s importance in the development of computers and information technology.

An annual program that the museum runs--with support from various Silicon Valley backers--is the Tech Challenge, a contest for young people in grades 4 through 12. Contestants work in teams and are given a real-life engineering challenge to undertake. For example, the 2016 contest challenges participants to build a glider that could carry supplies to a remote location.

The teams complete their projects according to the rules of the contest and then present them on Event Day and are given feedback and encouragement from actual engineers and technology professionals. The purpose of the event is to encourage creativity, innovation, teamwork and engineering excellence in young people and to give them an understanding of how a technology product is developed.