Dennis DeLoach

Providing Caring Dentistry for More Than 25 Years

About Dennis DeLoach

Dennis DeLoach, DDS, runs Delta Dental Center, a family and specialized dental practice providing general, restorative, surgical, and cosmetic dentistry services to the residents of Millard County in Delta, Utah. In private practice since 1987, Dr. Dennis DeLoach commands more than 25 years of dentistry experience. He has performed a broad array of procedures with patients from general cleanings, wisdom teeth extractions, and orthodontics to laser dental surgery, restorative services, and endodontic work, which focuses on removing damage from inner tooth structures and sealing the area in order to preserve and not replace a patient’s natural teeth. Dr. DeLoach has led Delta Dental Center since 2002.

Prior to practicing at Delta Dental Center, Dennis DeLoach, DDS, served as a general dentist and head of Merit Dental Group in Salt Lake City, Utah, from 1987 to 2002. While there, he performed general and cosmetic dentistry procedures as well as surgical and dental implant work.

Dr. Dennis DeLoach earned his DDS from the University Of Oklahoma College Of Dentistry after receiving his undergraduate degree from Utah State University. He devotes time to his family, engages in sports activities such as fly fishing, and gives back to others through charitable work. Over the course of the last decade, Dr. DeLoach has traveled to Mexico on eight separate occasions to provide free dental services to children and others in need.

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