Plato's Theory of Evil

The Three Psyche

What is Evil?

Before we look at Plato's "Theory of Evil", what is evil? The dictionary definition of evil is profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity, especially when regarded as a supernatural force.

Plato's Theory of Evil

Plato stated, "The psyche of a human being has three components. The first part is composed of sensual desires such as thirst, hunger, pleasure, and lust. The second part is the spirit or will... The third components is the Intellect, which uses reason to obtain knowledge and guide the other two parts. When a person fails to develop his intellect or spirit, the sensual part of his soul will dominate his life. He will be a slave to sensual appetites and this will induce evil behavior.......... The only way to subdue our enslavement to sensual appetite is for the intellect and spirit to over power the sensual part of ourselves. " So a person who doesn't develops his spirit and knowledge component of their psyche will be subject to exhibit evil behavior. But if they develop their spirit and knowledge component of their psyche then they can control themselves evil from doing evil acts.

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