He'll always be there for you!

Bromine, what it is, and why you will need it out there.

If I remember anything from reading a few articles, fire is painful and dangerous. Fire is a chemical reaction that Bromine can prevent. Find out more reasons to keep it in your pocket below!

Meet the Bromine

Elemental Symbol: Br

Properties: Gas at high temps., liquid at room temp. Usually found as a liquid.

Boiling Point: 58.8 °C

Melting Point: -7.2 °C

Group: 17

Period: 4

Bonds Easily

Common uses: Flame Retardants, chlorine substitute

Biological Help: For every Kilogram you weigh, you have about .0029 grams of Bromine inside of you

Social Help: Help your friends out too! Trade them a vial of Bromine for some added protection. Besides, Bromine is really common in the Earth's crust!

Functional Help: Cleaner, Flame Retardant

Defensive Help: Poisonous if taken in, burns can be down to the bone(I just cringed)

So remember, when YOU need to fend off your enemies or save your self from a solar flare, pick Bromine. Because you won't have to worry Bro, he's got your back.

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