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Nature of the Philippines

        The Philippines has a wide variety of nature and is located in the southern hemisphere. This archipelago is full of wonderful places to surf, eat, bird watch, and so many more activities! Coming to the Philippines means you will have the time of your life, with all the fun and scenery surrounding you, with birds chirping in the morning, singing their beautiful songs in harmony with each other.


People in the Philippines speak either English or Filipino. This means you should be able to understand what people are saying.


Christianity 91% (Roman Catholic 82%, Protestant 9%), Islam 5%, Buddhism 3% and other 1%.

What people in the philippines do

Basketball is the most popular game in the Philippines and if you like basketball be sure not to miss PBA and UAAP basketball tournament. Also there are about 60 to 70 parks in the Philippines. People also go sea kayaking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, trekking, white water rafting, golf, caving, diving, and many more activities.


The weather is usually very nice in the Philippines. Sometimes not. If you don't believe me press the button. It is in the tropics so it should be warm.


$170 a day for good food, also for hotels:

  • 15 - 40 dollars for a 1 star hotel
  • 30 - 75 dollars for a 2 star hotel
  • 35 - 120 dollars for a 3 star hotel
  • 65 - 140 dollars for a 4 star hotel
  • 105 - 300 dollars for a 5 star hotel

The total cost is around $1253.00 to without food $2226.00

Press the button to find a flight for a modest price!! And others for more info!!



The Philippines have many attractions, also most of them are in Manila. For example there is the Coconut Palace, Greenbelt Park, waterfalls, and so many more! 


This is the Haribon Eagle the national bird of the Philippines.

This is the flag of the Philippines.

This is the flower of the Philippines it is a type of jasmine.

Sleeping with the tropical fishes.


Friend's tackk

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