Diana Petrik

Recruitment and Administrative Professional

About Diana Petrik

Over the course of her career, Diana Petrik has demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of administration as well as recruiting and outreach. She began her current career with the purchase of Planet Kids, a retail store located in Menlo Park, California. As the company's new CEO, Diana Petrik identified a need for an e-purchase channel, which she then created and implemented.

Discovering a talent for Web-based business, Diana Petrik then joined Google Maps, where she served for a year before accepting the position of Growth and Retention Manager at Reputation.com. There, she reached out to a number of vendors and, in turn, expanded the number of links on the company's Web site by 100 percent. She also assumed responsibility for company recruitment, which then led her to secure the position of Recruiting Coordinator for Facebook.

During the next several months, Diana Petrik designed and created recruitment materials for job fairs and other similar events. She also facilitated the pre-screening process for interns and recent graduates, who make up a key component of the Facebook team. Demonstrating well-developed communications and interpersonal skills, Ms. Petrik then transitioned into the health care industry. She now serves as an Administrative Assistant at Stanford Hospital and Clinics in Palo Alto, California.

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