Daren DJ Vanderley Solves All Problems With Dedication And Hard Work

Daren VanderLey is a racer, having grown up in the racing world with a grandfather holding Bonneville land speed records and selection to the NHRA Hall of Fame, and a father owning a company named VDL Fuel Systems that builds Holley carburetors for all levels of racing across the nation. Daren has won many racing championships since his childhood. His journey of life has not been easy, always having to balance academic studies with racing and family with business. However, with complete dedication and hard work, he has been solving all these difficult combinations.

Daren has been working in his father's company, VDL Fuel Systems, since a young age building Holley high performance carburetors for all levels of racing across the country. His young adult life has been very different from other college-going students, having to make compromises along the way to keep the racing going. He did not study in his college of choice, but instead took an available scholarship to a university closer to home. His family owns a successful business, but four years of engineering studies together with the expenses of a race team was not in their budget. Looking back, DJ has absolutely no regrets, having received a top notch education at Auburn University while continuing to campaign the VDL Super Late Model.

DJ VanderLey participates in each racing competition with his one and only car, no back up or spare parts. Before the start of 2013 Snowball Derby in December 2013, DJ met with a testing accident, just two weeks before the start of the competition. He was competing in the Snowball Derby open test at the Pensacola half-mile with seven other Super Late Model teams. He had posted the fastest time through 4 PM when he lost the control of his car early in a run and slammed violently into the Turn 3 wall. The entire left side and rear end of his VDL No. 2 Ford was lost in the accident. VanderLey was worried, as there was not enough time to repair the car. The Snowball Derby was going to start from December 5. VanderLey didn't give up. He worked 18 hours a day to repair his Super Late Model, getting all the needed help from his family and team, and was ready to compete in 2013 Snowball Derby.
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