Dr. Jeffrey Lake

Encino, CA, Instructor and Surgeon

About Dr. Jeffrey Lake

A leading proctologist and colorectal surgeon in Encino, CA, Dr. Jeffrey Lake uses his years of experience as an MD to help people overcome issues like hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer. Dr. Jeff Lake studied biology at the prestigious University of California at Berkeley, earning a bachelor's degree, before moving on to the Baylor College of Medicine for a medical degree. Dr. Lake completed additional graduate study, as well as a residency and an internship, at the University of Southern California (USC). During the 2000s, Dr. Jeffrey Lake returned to USC as a Clinical Assistant Professor, helping train the next generation of MD students when not assisting people in the Encino, CA, area with their colorectal issues.

During his academic career, Dr. Jeff Lake received recognition for his talents and achievements from both UC Berkeley and USC. At Berkeley, he graduated with high distinction in general scholarship and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. In his residency at USC, he was named the Intern Teacher of the Year and Resident Teacher of the Year, and later received the Chief Resident Teaching Award.

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