Dream goal

Where I want my life to lead me.

My goals

1.) What do I want to do when I Grow up? I want to save lives, I want to help people, I want to be a social worker. The real reason I want to be a social worker is to help change the lives of some children that are suffering, and cant do anything about it.

2.) What company / organization / institution would I like to work in? I would like to work for Department of Health and Human Services Bureau for Children and Families in Randolph county. Why Randolph county? Because Social workers help people solve problems in their lives. They may help those with disabilities or life-threatening illness. They may work with children or the elderly. They may help the poor, victims of abuse or those facing other challenges in life. They work in a variety of settings, including schools, residential care facilities, mental health and substance abuse treatment centers, clinics, hospitals, hospices, homeless shelters, women's shelters, prisons, nursing homes and child protection agencies.

3.) What training / education will I need and how long? I won't need any training. I will need lots of school though, I will need to make sure I work hard to achieve a bachelors degree in social services. When I become a social worker I know what to expect. Social workers can be employed by government departments or private agencies, so I will have to work hard too achieve everything in that degree. In order to enroll in this program, I must have a bachelor’s degree in human services or a related field. I will have to take courses in the areas of public health, rehabilitation methods, community service, social work and sociology, and qualitative and quantitative research methods that can be employed in real world situations, this means I will have to be in school for four years to complete my education, I could go a little quicker if I would be willing to work harder which means extra classes or taking class in the summer.

4.) Where can I get this training or education and what is required for me to get in? I can get training at Davis and Elkins collage. I will have to have a high school diploma by all means but, the requirements vary by state and apply to practice and use of professional titles. I do know that one should be compassionate, a good listener and able to work with different groups of people under more than one circumstance. I can also get my education for this goal at Marshall University collage of health professions. At Marshall University collage I will have to have a highschool diploma to get in. I know that It is also the leading regional provider of social work education, and all their graduates earn a Bachelors in Social Work degree.

5.) What obstacles will I face when trying to reaching this goal? I will have to face incrimination from many families over reasons I have to come there, and I will have to deal with children that need help, or aren't in a good environment . I will have to face the tasks I have to do even if I don't want to.

6.) How can I overcome these obstacles? I cant, they are part of the job, theres always going to be the things I don't like or hate and can't overcome, Its part of life. Its a job that comes with new obstacles everyday and new complications, that's the reason I want to do it, I want to change the world, I want to help families and children in need.


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