Dr. Michael Lange

CEO/ President

About Dr. Michael Lange

Dr. Michael Lange is a Florida-based optometrist with offices in Ocala, Gainesville, Inverness, The Villages, Tampa, Citrus Hills, Summerfield, and Clearwater. He is the owner of Lange Eye Care & Associates, and is also the founder and CEO of Fortifeye Vitamins, a nutritional supplement company. Committed to the overall health of his patients, Dr. Lange educates and advises them on proper nutrition, exercise, and self-care to ensure that their eye health and vision thrive. He is among just five optometrists nationwide who are certified as nutritional specialists by the American College of Nutrition. He takes his passion for educating patients beyond his office as the host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show Ask the Dr. Dr. Michael Lange is also a philanthropist, and dedicates time and resources to helping out those in need.
When Dr. Michael Lange first opened his Florida practice as an optometrist in Ocala in 1993, he realized that many of the eye problems his patients faced were related to their overall health and nutrition. He began counseling them on exercise and diet, and quickly began seeing positive results. He then began suggesting supplements to help his patients further, but became frustrated with the low quality of the over-the-counter products that were then available. Dr. Lange founded Fortifeye Vitamins to counter the lack of good eye health supplements on the market, producing vitamins that were free of synthetic nutrients, dyes, and trans-fats, and that had the right therapeutic levels of ingredients to help improve ocular health. He also took his education further, and became an expert in ocular nutrition.
With a passion for health that goes above and beyond the ordinary, Dr. Michael Lange also puts much of his attention as an optometrist toward helping those who would otherwise be unable to afford his services. Every year he sets aside time to provide free eye exams and glasses to children in need in the Ocala and Gainesville areas. Additionally, he never turns patients away, regardless of their financial situation. Beyond helping his local community, Dr. Michael Lange belongs to the organization Vitamin Angels, which provides supplements to nutritionally deprived children across the globe.
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