Web 2.0 tools

What I learned on August 21st, 2013 at Divine Providence School

Web 2.0 tools involve USER created content, to change students from PASSIVE learners to ACTIVE learners.

Here are some examples of web 2.0 tools:

TodaysMeet.com - It's a private Twitter like interface without hashtags #ThankGoodness

360cities.net - Great for virtual field trips, seeing places of the world that you'd be unable to go to otherwise.

WallWisher.com or Padlet.com -- great for "virtual sticky notes" boards that will allow you to have a discussion of who's bringing what for a potluck, whom to nominate for a "Student of the Month" award, have students post questions, etc.  As an owner of the board, you'll notice that you are able to control the ability to "approve" each comment before it gets posted live.

Wordle.net / Tagxedo.com -- Word clouds.  Great for testing vocabulary / knowledge.  Use in combination with READABILITY.COM to make text more readable.  (Readability filters out all the garbage, junk, ads, and other "stuff" which makes things hard to work with.)

Tackk.com (This site) allows you to put up a one-page website almost instantly.

Primary Web Tools!

WeGiveBooks.org (Group reading)
ABCYa.com (Interactive activities for younger students)

Middle School Web Tools

StudyLadder.com (Individual Learning activities)
Freerice.org (Vocabulary Review)

Need more information? Let me know!