EIP Internship - Day 1

Who is your favorite teacher?  
Why has that person made a difference to you?

So, here's the deal...

What to expect when you report to your placement...

As an EIP Intern, you are a guest in another school, visiting a teacher's  classroom, and working with their students, so what are the expectations you need to know?

You need to have your school ID on at all times!  This is how staff at your placement know that you are supposed to be there.  Also, you need to abide by any and all other requests that they may make upon checking in (wearing a visitor sticker, if asked).  These requests are for your safety and are non-negotiable.

You must sign in and sign out every day in order to get credit for class that day!  This form will be in the office and is labeled for EIP.  Please do not use the regular visitor log sheet!  By the way, please introduce yourself as an EIP Intern to the building attendance secretary so he/she can help direct you to your classroom.

Drive safely!  No texting, phone calls, giving rides, extra stops, etc.

Dress appropriately!  You are not "going out" - you are setting an example as a teacher intern at your site.  Ask yourself, would I want to see my teacher wearing this?

Keep your cell phone off and out of site while at your placement.  You are expected to be engaged in the class while earning your tutoring hours!

Remember to follow all other safety/conduct policies and procedures that we have discussed.

Basically, just ask yourself one question:
Would this make Ms. Camp happy?
If the answer is no, then don't...whatever it is, just Don't!

Please leave your name and a comment in the comment box below to indicate your agreement to abide by these expectations!