Your Hand In Mine

By Explosions In The Sky

Explosions In The Sky

The band explosions in the sky is originally from Texas. three of the band members come from there and the other from Illinois. the band member from Illinois is the drummer his name is Chris Hrasky.  the other players are Mark Smith, Michael James, Munaf Rayani, all of them play guitar.

The Song:

Your hand in mine is a song that was written by the whole band, because it was for a movie they had the idea of everyone having an input in the song so no one got left out of the glory or shame.  The movie that the song your hand in mine was written for was the movie Friday Night Lights. The band also wrote the whole soundtrack for Friday Night Lights


1.The composer was Chris Hrasky being the leader of the band but also the rest of the band helped compose this song.

2.Instruments in this song in clued three guitars and a drum kit.  Mark Smith, Michael James and Munaf Rayani on guitars and Chris Hrasky on drums and piano (not sure who plays piano).

3. Chris Hrasky was born in Illniois and grew up in texas. when he met the other people in the band they started to play with each other and that formed Explosions In The Sky.

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5. The purpuse is for the movie Friday Night Lights at the climax of the film.

6.I like this piece because it has a good climax and is very well composed.

7. The guitar: the guitar was first made in the 18th century andwas orrigonally realesed on the radio in 1920. The guitar makes it sound from plucking the strings and a viabration in the holo of the guitar.