EMSL Analytical

Environmental Testing

About EMSL Analytical

In operation for more than 30 years, EMSL Analytical, Inc., has established itself as a premier provider of environmental testing. With 30 laboratories and 3 service centers throughout North America, the company provides testing and analysis for use in investigations related to industrial hygiene, indoor air quality, asbestos, and many other environmental concerns. EMSL Analytical serves clients across commercial, regulatory, and industrial sectors, as well as in the law enforcement field.

EMSL Analytical's laboratory services range from mold analysis to environmental chemistry characterization. For clients who want to conduct their own testing, the company sells a range of products, including gas detection kits, thermal imaging equipment, and sampling supplies. The company also rents a selection of equipment, such as calibrators and particle counters. To complement the company's product offerings, clients can purchase manuals from the EMSL Training Library or participate in one of the company's seminars and workshops.

Based in New Jersey, the company provides a toll-free number and a convenient online account-management system that provides clients with continuous access to all sampling and testing data. For more information, visit EMSL.com

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