Prince William Sound Earthquake

Jarod Crowder

In Prince William Sound Alaska March 27, 1964; occurred a magnitude 9.2 earthquake. This earthquake was one of the most destructive earthquakes. Damage spread over 1,300,000 km from the epicenter and did over $2,972,000,000 in damages. Over 131 people were killed and the earthquake produced the second largest tsunami in history. The tsunami resulted in the majority of deaths(116) and was over 70 meters high. This is the largest magnitude earthquake in the United States and 2nd largest in the world. The Latouche Island area moved 18 meters southeast. The Montague area ascended 4-9 meters while the Portage area dropped 3 meters. Effects of the earthquake were felt all around the world, even as far as South Africa. The whole Earth vibrated, Florida and Texas even fluctuated as much as 10cm. The death rate was low because this disaster occurred on Good Friday. Thousands of aftershocks followed it, 9 of which were of greater than 6 magnitude. This event was only published in 4 newspapers. This disaster occurred within 3 minutes.

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