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About Econ One

An economics research and legal services firm with offices throughout the United States, Econ One also maintains an expanding staff in India. Utilizing advanced econometric and economic models, the firm matches analytical underpinnings with case-specific advice that helps clients resolve complex issues. Econ One’s areas of knowledge include assessment of the effects of anticompetitive behavior. With experience in identifying diverse types of antitrust activity, from price discrimination to predatory conduct, the firm offers qualitative and quantitative prelitigation review services.

The Econ One team also has extensive experience in class-action matters, with specialized solutions including the assessment of cases in the certification stage. In the case Pecover v. Electronic Arts, Inc., the firm worked on behalf of the plaintiffs in undertaking analysis of the damages class members suffered. Strategies employed included multivariate regression and statistical analysis regarding factors involved in sports video game pricing. In submitted reports, Econ One found that the exclusive licenses Electronic Arts had with leagues such as the NFL may have contributed to higher-than-necessary consumer prices.

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