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Elephant Structures produces high-quality commercial metal buildings, such as barns, shelters, garages, and carports for residences. Headquartered in North Carolina, Elephant Structures sells a variety of units in a wide array of shapes, colors, and sizes across the U.S.

Elephant Structures affords customers the option of creating their ideal structure online with the buildID tool, as well as offering free delivery and installation. Even though the firm typically sells to homeowners, it has the capability to produce metal structures for businesses looking to protect their employees’ vehicles from the elements or for companies in need of a metal storage building to house inventory. All of the building material used is weather-resistant and durable.

With Elephant Structures, there are no hidden costs since pricing is given in real time on the website. In addition to creating their own metal buildings, prospective customers have the option of purchasing a do-it-yourself metal carport, metal garage, or other steel building kit.

Extra Uses for a Garage

Elephant Structures provides affordable carport and barn solutions for customers across the United States. In addition, Elephant Structures sells garages with a wide variety of customizable options.

There are many advantages beyond simply having a place to store your car to having a garage on your property. A garage can give you extra storage space for things such as cleaning supplies, lawn equipment, and other items. For families with children, it serves as a good place to store toys and games outside of the house. Instead of cluttering the house, one can install shelving in the garage to store these items away from one’s regular living space. It also provides extra space for children to play, practice instruments, and do art projects.

Additionally, it can serve as a place to work on home improvement projects. It comes particularly handy for outdoor projects that require shelter from bad weather, or projects that require a lot of ventilation, such as painting pieces of furniture. By opening the garage doors, one can air out the potentially harmful fumes quickly and easily.

Advantages of a Metal Garage

Based in North Carolina, Elephant Structures manufactures metal carports, garages, barns, and other structures, with sales across the country and with installation crews at hand if needed. Elephant Structures prides itself on offering high quality yet reasonably priced products that provide protection to consumers’ most valuable assets.

Building a new garage can seem costly and time-consuming, but it can be cheaper and quicker if you opt to install a metal garage. Metal garages tend to be an inexpensive option, as most are prefabricated and can be erected by the owner instead of by a construction team. Also, you will bypass the costs of hiring an architect. Metal garages also tend to be quicker to build. Once you obtain a building permit, you are well on your way to setting up your new garage.

Of course, durability is also a concern when selecting a new garage. Metal structures, especially steel, hold up well in all weather conditions and require little maintenance. They do not require paint and are also less susceptible to fire compared to traditional garages.

Metal Carports: Advantages and Components

Elephant Structures has a reputation as a trusted manufacturer of metal buildings. Barns, storage buildings, garages, and single- and double-wide carports make up only some of the metal structures from which clients can choose. Clients can expand their options by contacting Elephant Structures by phone and choosing from even larger specialty and commercial buildings.

A good carport accommodates a family's vehicles and, ideally, complements the look and mood of the home and surrounding grounds. Manufacturers can build metal carports according to rough sizes, or based on a client's specifications. Most metal carports include braces for crucial areas to keep the structure in place. Clients can ask manufacturers to install doors or windows, which don't interfere with braces and stability.

Each component of a metal carport works in tandem with the others. The roof, for instance, comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The colors allow customers to match their carports to existing structures such as homes and offices, while the size and shape of the roof helps water run off rather than pool and cause damage.

Customers can and should give thought to whether they want to include walls with their carports. Walls are important in windy regions, although customers can do without four walls if they want to attach a carport to the side of a building.

Potential Hazards Facing Barns

Elephant Structures makes it easy for customers to select and purchase steel structures that meet their specific needs. In addition to garages, carports, and RV storage, Elephant Structures offers a selection of customizable barns.

Barns are popular structures that serve various purposes. They may be used to house animals or to store equipment. The shoddy construction or spotty maintenance of barns can result in a variety of problems. So can the use of materials that are ill-suited for the job.

One potential hazard occurs when all or part of a barn’s structure collapses. It results in extra work for the owner of the barn. He or she has to clean up the rubble and begin anew. This gives a barn-owner the incentive to make sure that the barn is structurally sound and resistant to collapsing.

If a barn consists of wooden parts, they should be evaluated regularly for water damage. Water damage can compromise the structural integrity of a barn and affect the property stored within. As wooden barns require considerable maintenance, barn owners may be better served by switching to metal barns, which are strong and offer protection from the elements.

Protecting an RV from Weather Damage

Elephant Structures sells a variety of metal structures that are customizable to meet each client’s unique needs. In addition to offering barns and multi-use metal buildings, Elephant Structures offers RV storage solutions.

Owning an RV, or recreational vehicle, can be very rewarding. However, the maintenance and upkeep of an RV can be costly and time-consuming. One way to minimize the hassle is to store the RV in a protective structure during the off-season or whenever it is not in use.

When an RV or another type of vehicle is outside, it is fully exposed to the elements, including hail, high winds, or other damaging weather. Even if the weather is pleasant, ultraviolet light from the sun can cause damage to the vehicle. While some cracking and weathering on the surface of the RV is bound to happen as the vehicle ages, storing an RV outside allows the process to occur at a much faster rate.

One of the best solutions is to store your RV in a covered garage with four sides and a concrete floor. This provides the highest levels of protection from the natural elements. If this is not possible, parking the RV under a structure with open sides and a roof offers some protection to curb damage from the elements.

Tips for Maintaining Carports

Elephant Structures has gained a reputation as one of the fastest growing manufacturers of metal barns, storage buildings, garages, carports, and other structures in the United States. Focusing on building high-quality structures that last as long as possible, Elephant Structures offers a wide range of residential and commercial buildings.

Customers should know the basics of maintaining carports in order to keep them clean, organized, and safe. If you see rust on the ceiling’s steel beams, use a wire brush and mechanical abrasion to clear it away. To prevent recurrence of rust in the immediate future, apply rust solver on the affected area.

Still inside the carport, inspect the floor for grease, oil, and other leaks. While oil poses no immediate threat to the structural integrity of the carport, it could cause people to slip and fall. Scrub away oil and grease using soap and other cleaners. When parking, pull in straight so vehicles sit directly between support columns. Cars pulled in diagonally could accidentally clip a support column when the driver backs out, which could compromise the integrity of the carport.

Creative Uses of a Barn

A leading manufacturer of outdoor metal buildings and shelters, Elephant Structures strives to provide customers with top customer service and superior products. In addition to manufacturing shelters and barns, Elephant Structures also sells and installs metal carports.

There are many advantages to having a carport. The most obvious is being able to store one’s car under a roof so that it is protected from the elements. This can extend the life of the car’s paint job and keep the car in top condition. However, carport owners may benefit in other ways, too.

For example, a carport might make it easier for drivers to get inside their house, especially during bad weather. It shortens the distance a person has to walk outside. When carrying groceries or other items that can get wet, this protection from the weather can add convenience.

Additionally, a carport is a potential safety advantage, especially for people who live alone. Instead of parking farther away from the home’s door, the driver can park closer and get inside the house faster. It might also discourage vandals from approaching the property, since people are less likely to enter a carport that is close to a person’s home.

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