Eloah Rocha

Promoting Child Well-Being

About Eloah Rocha

Drawing upon her academic training in child psychology at Boulder University, Eloah Rocha conducts child research studies as a counselor at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. In charge of the youth activity center, she observes the behavior of patients as they interact with their younger or older siblings. She has also studied the changes in families after remedial therapy. In addition to the time she devotes to these studies, Eloah Rocha handles administrative duties at the youth activity center. She plans the center’s daily activities and oversees the work of the childcare staff, performing periodic evaluations.

Also active in her local community, Rocha has participated in organizing events to benefit programs for women with breast cancer and persons with disabilities. She also raises money for after-school programs and volunteers at an elementary school where she helps children with their homework.

Leading an active lifestyle, Eloah Rocha participates in fitness activities such as long-distance running, swimming, and biking. She also enjoys yoga and meditation.

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