Emily Lampitt

Machiavelli was a great Renaissance thinker. Not to mention a great Philosopher and an inspired writer. He was inspired by Governmental forms and writings in classical terms. Aside from writing his most famous and his more known book, The Prince, Machiavelli also wrote some other things. Ritratti delle cose di Francia(1510) which translates to, Portrait of the affairs of France. He also wrote, Dell'Arte della Guerra, The Art Of War. which is about high military science. The influence he had on the Renaissance was fairly large, you remember when I mentioned The Prince? Well, that book had a large impact on kings and queens everywhere. His books are still impacting today in fact! The Prince is discussed commonly as is a large influence on how people think.

Born May 3rd and lived a long life dying at 58 on June 21st 1527.

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