Friedrich Times

Newspaper By: Erin Hayes

About the Author

Hans Peter Richter was born in 1925 in Cologne, Germany and died in 1993. He was married to Elfried Feldman and had four children, Ulrike, Claudia, Leonore, and Gereon. He studied at the University of Hannover. When he graduated in the year of 1968, he became a phenomenal German author. He also spent some of his life in the German army. Hans wrote books mainly for children and young adults. Most notable among these are, The Time of the Young Soldiers, I Was There, and Friedrich. Although these books were mainly about the life of Jews, he also published several books on sociology and psychology.

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Interview with the Stars!

Today we will be speaking with the narrator from Hans Peter Richter's great book, Friedrich

Erin (interviewer) ~ "How did you know Friedrich?"

Narrator (was Friedrich's age when little, now older) ~ "I lived in the apartment above his and we became friends."

Erin ~ "What was it like to have Friedrich as a friend back when you were little?"

Narrator ~ "Friedrich was such a good friend to me and he was always good to me and I knew that I could trust him, no matter the circumstance. It was hard going places with him because he was Jewish and other people did not allow him into certain areas to do certain things because of this. Other than that, Friedrich was the best friend I could have ever asked for."

Erin ~ "What was your reaction when you found out that Friedrich's mother died? How did this affect Friedrich emotionally and how did this affect your relationship with him as friends?"

Narrator ~ "I was sad for Friedrich and knowing that my dad was part of the group that killed her, made me feel ill-fated inside. I wish there was something that I could have done to go back in time and try to save her, but there wasn't. When Friedrich's mother died he couldn't bear to do anything, but mope around feeling miserable. I tried to comfort him, but there was not much else I could do, other than to be a friend to him when he needed to talk."

Erin ~ "How did you feel when Friedrich got a job?"

Narrator ~ "When Friedrich got a job, of course I was sad and lonely, but I knew that he was trying to help out his dad because he had just been fired from his job. Although I was happy for him, he seemed different to me. He used to be funny and he would always tell jokes, but ever since he started working he got almost serious, like he felt nothing on the inside anymore. He was such a hard worker though, that no one ever really complained."

Erin ~ "I know that you and Friedrich were friends for a long time. How did you feel when he died?"

Narrator ~ "I was distraught, like anyone would be, but there was a level of sincerity to it that only him and I could have understood. I stood by him through thick and thin and there was no one that could have made me leave his side when there was a problem. I was there for him like no one else was after his mom died and I just wish that I could see him one more time to tell him how much of a good friend he was to me."

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Our Last Hope: HITLER


By: Erin Hayes

Although the book, Friedrich, had many melancholy scenes, I enjoyed spending time reading it. I feel that there is no apparent reason for Hitler to discriminate against Jews, especially since he is a Jew himself.

To me, when Friedrich’s mother dies, it seems to be so uneventful. I wish they had put more time into explaining the emotions of each character. Even though they show some minor changes in Friedrich and his dad’s characters over time, they neglect to reveal how each of the characters truly feels about this.

I was so wretched when Friedrich’s father was sent out of the country. This is because he was sent to a labor/concentration camp where, I believe, that he suffered and was worked as hard as he could possibly work until he was put to death. I think that the end of this book could have been enhanced just a little and it would have made the book even better. I feel that the ending was humdrum and I wish they had written more about Friedrich and not just killed him off. Although I feel this way, I was full of unexplainable sorrow when Friedrich died. I just wish that people wouldn't be so rude to the Jews and I wish that Adolf Hitler was never elected and that none of the Jews were ever discriminated against.

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