Science Term 4

Task 2

Radiant Heat

1. If I was to build a house, I would use insulators to reduce the radiant heat being transferred into the interior of the house. For the lowest heat being transferred, as an easy to get insulator I would use mineral wool. This is light and cheap, but also works to stop heat transfer extremely well. It is used all over the world, but would require a thick layer in order to achieve the best results.

2. For electricity I would put large solar panels on the top of the roof facing north. This would get electricity from the sun for the whole day. I would use LED lights in the house to use less electricity, so that less of the solar energy would be used up. I would also get an electricity measuring device to tell how much electricity is being used per second so that the owner would know whether they could use more electricity or would have to use less.

3. To make sure that the house was water efficient I would use auto turn off taps which turn off after 10 minutes to avoid water being waisted by leaving the tap on accidentally. I would also use a water tank which caught rain water and held it until it was used. I would also fit water efficient appliances in the house to reduce the amount of water used for things like showering, brushing teeth, washing hands etcetera.

4. To allow convection and airflow throughout the house I would put a vent in the roof so that the hot air will rise and be attracted outside to the cooler air allowing airflow. And I would out an air conditioner at the top to allow convection throughout the house because cold air drops, and hot air rises, so hot air will rise and leave through the vents, and cold air would drop and cool the living room down.

5. I would point my living room in a northerly direction so that durning summer when it's hot the sun will not be pointing into the living room, but during winter when it is colder the sun would be pointing into the living room to warm it up a bit.

6. I would put big trees just outside windows so that the sun would not enter the house and there would be shade instead of sunlight and the house would be cooler meaning less air conditioner would be needed. In other places, where I wanted it to be hot, I would leave my garden low to allow the sun in so that it would be hotter.

7. I would have large windows to allow airflow throughout the house, but average sized doors, because if they were too big they would allow sunlight in and would heat up the living room when they were open where as average sized doors can allow air flow without allowing too much sunlight.

8. I would also make a patio just outside the living room into the back yard so that there would be shade into that side to the living room, and it would pretty much allow an extra living room outside. I would also use tiles for the floor, because they hold cool air and would make the floor cold. Therefore, the air close to the ground cool as well.

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