The FBI Physical Fitness Challenge

Do you have what it takes to be fit enough for the FBI?

Looking for a few good men (and women).

Every now and then, I do something crazy.  This year?  I'm training for the FBI.

Well...not exactly.

The physical fitness requirement for the FBI is public record.  And it's not all that complex.  There are four tasks to complete -- and a pretty simple scorecard:

  • Number of Consecutive Pushups
  • Number of Situps Performed in one minute.
  • 1.5 Mile run
  • 300 Meter Sprint

All that's needed to pass is 12 cumulative points -- scoring at least one point in each category.  While I have no intention of ever joining the FBI, I am certainly interested in saying I can pass the physical fitness requirement.  (How cool would that sound?) My goal for the summer:   To be considered physically fit enough to join the FBI.

Interested in joining me?  

Comment below!  We can plan a "Barometer Day" to see where we all stand.