Your car FUEL SAVER!!!

FUELSHARK : your car fuel saver!

*increase in mileage

*Lower emission

*Increased horsepower

*Longer battery life

*Works on gas or diesel

How it works:

JUST PLUG AND SAVE! The components in your car's electrical system are interconnected with each other. To get superior performance from your car, it must have a clean electrical circuit environment. Many cars develop electrical imbalances over time due to the power demands made by various accessories and normal wear on batteries, spark plugs and other parts.

To maintain optimum electrical performance and improve MPG, your car will run better with a stable voltage environment. The Fuelshark provides just that. It is a multi-purpose Voltage Stabilizer. Fuelshark's design instantly stabilizes your car's electrical system, resulting in better fuel efficiency and overall performance. By stabilizing your car's electrical system, one big benefit is that your engine's spark plugs deliver a strong even spark, resulting in better combustion. This can increase power and MPG, in addition to having cleaner emissions.

This revolutionary technology provides consumers with an inexpensive way to save money at the gas pump and help our environment at the same time. Better yet, there are no installation charges. Just plug the Fuelshark into your car%u2019s lighter adapter and the blue light will let you know that the Fuelshark is working, and reminds you that you are saving money!

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