Fire and Ice

Brendan Webley


Definition: Magma is the term for lava under the earth's surface.

Magma is a noun.

The burning hot magma came oozing out of the earth's mantle after South Korea launched a nuclear missile at Austin.


Definition: Lava is magma that has emerged above the earth's surface.

Lava is a noun.

The lava erupted from Mount Saint Helens in 1980.

How the Movement of Tectonic Plates Formed Washington's Major Land forms

Tectonic plates in Washington collided which forced them to bend upward forming mountains.

The Causes for the 1980 Eruption of Mount Saint Helens

A small earthquake caused a landslide on the north face of the mountain. The entire north face of the mountain went into the Toutle River causing the mountain to release pressure and erupt.

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