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Based on 45 years of collected family background in residential building and development, First Texas Homes has been offering first-rate service and quality for more than 29 years out of offices in Houston and the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The company takes clients through every step of the process, beginning with the blueprint selection and alteration, and ending with a brand new home in the neighborhood of choice. The First Texas Homes process consists of three main steps. First, the clients find a community within the Houston or Dallas/Fort Worth areas. They can then either look for an existing home or work with the firm to create plans for a customized new home. Finally, clients secure financing for their new homes.

First Texas Homes backs the quality of their homes with a 10-year warranty that allows new homeowners to rest assured knowing they have made a wise investment. Additionally, the company is dedicated to helping homeowners reduce their carbon footprints through the installation of energy-efficient plumbing systems, gas water heaters, furnaces, and Energy Star Qualified Appliances.

Energy Star Benefits in New Homes

First Texas Homes has built high-quality, energy-efficient homes in Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth for three decades. An Energy Star Partner, First Texas Homes is committed to ensuring each new home it develops meets the organization’s guidelines, so homeowners can enjoy the benefits offered by Energy Star certified homes.

Energy Star certification offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing a property has been built to the highest standards and independently inspected prior to owners moving in, and the knowledge that the energy-efficient features that have been built into the home are contributing to real energy savings of 15 to 30 percent compared to typical new builds.

Each Energy Star certified home also has an array of integrated features, including a water protection system, efficient appliances and light fixtures and a complete thermal enclosure system. The latter ensures temperatures throughout the house remain constant through the use of insulation, air sealing and windows that have high-performance features, such as protective coating.

Four Simple Tips for Improving Energy Efficiency in the Home

Led by a management team that combines over 45 years of experience in the home building sector, First Texas Homes provides high-quality homes to residents in Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth. As an Energy Star Partner, First Texas Homes is committed to helping residents cut their carbon emissions and save money on their energy bills. There are a number of things you can do around the house to start saving energy.

1. Turn lights and appliances off when not in use to eliminate idle energy consumption.

2. Improve the insulation in your home in order to maintain more consistent temperatures and reduce the amount of energy lost through the roof and walls.

3. Take time to research each appliance that you purchase to determine whether it is energy efficient.

4. If you are moving into a new home, request a utility audit. This will essentially provide you with a list of energy-efficiency issues that you can start remedying.

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