Mahatma Gandhi

"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world."

  • Born in Porbandar
  • Campaigned on Satyagraha requirement that indian's be fingerprinted and carry ID's
  • Conducted Salt march over 240 miles to collect salt for India from
  • Believed men didn't have rights over women's
  • Fasted for 21 days to protest war between two groups
  • Wanted to have everybody involved in what happens with government instead of majority
  • Never gave up because things became hard or difficult
  • Believed in pacifism and non-violent campaigns
  • Ended a non-cooperation movement against British after his followers rioted
  • Gave his life for others
  • Assassinated and cremated

We believe Gandhi is a hero because he believed that violence was never the answer and never harmed another. He was always peaceful and tried to teach people to be accepting of others. He is considered by many to be a hero as well because of how inspirational his words are still today.

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