Remembering Grandma Belsito...

Born today (May 31st), and I still think of her every day...

It's been several years since you went to heaven, Grandma, but we think about you all of the time.

There are a million great memories I have of my Grandma, but here are a few of my favorites:

  • Eating dinner (well...dinner for her, a snack for me) at 3pm before I went into work at Discount Drug Mart or Papa John's Pizza.
  • The half smirk / half scowl she'd give when she was annoyed.
  • Randomly handing me a couple of dollars along with a "shhhh!" so my Dad didn't know.
  • Her lasagna during all family outings.
  • Listening to her sing Italian songs when she didn't know I was paying attention.
  • Just having her only steps away for all of my childhood.

I'll never stop thinking about Grandma Belsito.  But just thinking of some of the memories above puts a smile on my face.