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Bound by loyalty and respect, we are the Guardians of the North sworn to protect the Northern provinces of Tamriel. We protect what we love and put our axe in the head of those who bring harm to our land. Are you a Nord, Dark Elf or Arganian and willing to fight for your Northern Lands then join us, take the oath and become a true Guardian.

We will put the focus on PvP, but there will be also PvE. If the Council reaches a high number of members we will have certain people with specific task, for example there will be an PvP Officer (who will manage all the PvP business)  and a PvE Officer (who will manage all the PvE business). When you are new to the Elder Scroll and/or MMORPG, please report this to one of the High Council Members or the Jarl so we can guide and help you with the game and story line.

So if you think you are a potential candidate to become a true Guardian then join us!


Bound by loyalty and respect
Standing side by side
Willing to protect what we love
Full with hatred against the Altmer
I,(Your Name),hereby swear that I will
Protect the Emperor, my Jarl and the people of the Northern provinces with my life
Die for a fellow Guardian
And I shall never yield!


Like PvP or PvE (both is even better)Willing to help new players and guide them (being a mentor could be an option)Knows one or two things about the Elder Scrolls or willing to learn about it.


The High Council:

The Jarl
The  Thanes and the Jarl’s advisers(Master of Coin, Lord-Commander; must have the title of Lord)

The Nobility:

1. Lord 2. Duke 3. Count 4. Knight

Rest of the Order:



Most of the times family members of the Royal family and nobles get a title and a piece of land, by that most of the time they have also a army. Unfortunately as far as we know, we can’t conquer land for the guild, so we will dived the guild into armies(platoons). By that the Thanes will receive an army. Besides that every man who wears the title of Lord is allowed to recruit his own army after approval of the Jarl. A Duke is also allowed to have an army (max. 5 players).

You probably wonder why we do this. Say, 70/80% of the times you are online with  the same guardians. This (hopefully) means that you play more time with them instant of the other guardians who are online at times you don’t play or you invited a lot of friends over. It’s more for having an instant party when you want to do a Dungeon, Raid of some PvP. Also for a bit of competition every month the Jarl will grant the best army with some gold and/or a present.

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